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Our mission here at Tunnel Vision is to provide the world with an unfiltered look into our world, while helping to channel everyone’s inner artist. When you book us you can expect a stern yet whimsical experience that will bring out the best in everyone involved.

Tunnel Vision was started by two New York City students who were not content with traveling down the narrow paths that were planned, so they decided to blaze their own trail. Photography was always something that peaked both of interests, but the everyday obstacles of life never allowed us to focus on our dreams. It wasn’t until we had an epiphany of sorts that we realized that if you aren’t doing what you love… you aren’t really living. From that day forward we’ve blocked everything out and devoted ourselves to our dreams.  Tunnel Vision is not just a photography service; it is a brand that represents those who tune out all the hindrances life throws their way and strive to not only pursue happiness, but capture it. 



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